Hi, I’m Irvy.

For most of my childhood, I didn’t really have any issues with weight.

The problem really started in middle school.

I was often made fun of and bullied, and that left me depressed and lonely. I turned to food for comfort and entertainment.

By the time I got to high school, I was obese. As you know, high school can be tough even for someone who has everything going for them.  For me, I was morbidly obese, I had incredibly bad acne, and I was very insecure, withdrawn and depressed.  This made for a bad combination, as it just made matters worse for me.

Near the end of high school, my eating and depression were so out of control, that I got sick and almost ended up not graduating high school.

The doctors told me that if I didn’t lose weight that I would die, my body couldn’t take it anymore.

So, I managed to graduate and I also decided enough was enough.  I would lose the weight.

And I did, I lost 130lbs, in less than a year.

At first, it as nice.

But it wasn’t long before I was back to square one – I gained all my weight back.

I couldn’t really figure out why life was spiralling out of control, I became severely depressed, I felt hopeless and constantly tired.  I had no motivation for anything.

I hit rock bottom.

I gave up completely, I stopped trying, I stopped engaging in life because everything I did I felt wasn’t good enough.  I constantly felt judged, I stopped dating because the men I dated either wanted to keep me a secret or they ‘didn’t want anything serious’.  I stopped hanging out with friends because I felt guilty all the time – like I was a burden or an embarrassment to be around.  I stopped living.

This led me to a really dark place, where I stayed for a long time. Then I had a moment where I felt so low, and bad, that it wasn’t even rock bottom, it was a place underneath the rock at the bottom.

And it wasn’t only soul-crushing, it destroyed everything – including my despair.

I work up one morning and asked my self – ‘Why?’

Why was I depressed?  Why wasn’t I motivated?  Why was I so overweight?  Why can’t I be happy?

So I made the decision that from that day on, I would strive to find the answers and improve my life by 1% ever day.

I read so many self-help books, listened to so many talks by thought leaders, gurus, spiritual mystics, scientists, you name it! I looked for answers wherever I could find them.

And over time, I started to think differently and I slowly started to feel better.

I learned what self-respect truly was, and what it meant to put yourself first.  It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

The more I did that, the more confident I became.  The more confident I was, the more positive things I started to attract into my life. And that just snowballed.

And then I looked in the mirror one day, and the person looking back at me didn’t reflect the person on the inside.

Naturally, I just did all the things that were necessary to change that.  That is why my journey wasn’t the greatest struggle that people tend to talk about.  I was already at the finish line – my body just needed to catch up.

I lost 132 lbs, and kept it off!

The biggest secret in the weight loss game is that you need to get your mindset right first, then the body will follow – easily. If you do this in the reverse – if you try to change your body but neglect your mindset – you will fail, and you will keep repeating this cycle.

Once you change your mindset, it will be so easy! Because, anyone who’s actually lost weight will tell you the hardest part of the journey was to get their mindset right.

How many times have you lost weight, only to gain it back and not understand why?

How many times have you seen people lose weight and say that they were still depressed and their quality of life didn’t really change?

How many times do have you fallen off and on the wagon?

Too many!

It’s time for that to stop NOW.



Ignore past failures and forge ahead.  You can’t drive forward looking into the rear-view mirror.


Like the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, the woman that persists gets the results.  Remember, results come over time not over night.


You are the captain of your own ship.  If you don’t forge your own path in life, you’ll be walking someone else.


Over the last three years, I have helped over 50, 000 women to feel motivated and inspired to lose weight and transform their thinking. I have helped hundreds of women transform physically and mentally with my YES YOU CAN program and 1-on-1 coaching.

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Nothing makes me more proud than to see a client believe in themselves or do something they never thought they would accomplish.

Thanks for reading.

Here are some of my before and after photos.

Weight Loss Before and After - About Irvy